About Neeev

'A super structure cannot be built on a weak foundation.Only when the foundation is deep and solid, a business can touch non-soared
heights.' 'Neeev' literally means foundation. We are a niche 21st century business consulting firm that Enables & Empowers businees to
Evolve consistently. Amidst the hustle-bustle and chatter around the 4th Industrial Revolution, We cut the clutter out to provide razor
sharp and customised business inputs apt for your specific need.


We enable teams across all departments in an organisation to function more cohesively by leveraging the power of compelling program designed to make them and the organisation successful. Enablement through consistent training is the key.


It is time for organisation to empower people so that they can make business critical decisions. Our phased programs help organisations delegate more. We recommend right tech implementation for correct empowerment.


Change is only the constant. Companies need cto evolve out from glorious past and march confidently into future. 4th Industrial revolution is bringing technology & data into play like never before. Only the ones who evolve will survive.

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