At Neeev, sustained impact is one of the key deliveries. In order to deliver ‘Sustained Impact’ we work on the following 4 key zones with organisations: Leadership, Internal Teams, Customers and Ecosystem. Sustained impact is achieved over a period of time as it is a natural outcome of Co-Create | Co-Execute.


Impact Zone 1: Leadership

Leadership no more is only about leading from the front. Modern day leaders have to do more then that. The major areas that we impact through modern day leadership are:
Lead Your Boss: Taking the whole team towards success along with mobilising the boss. We impart skills that help leaders allow a person effectively influence in order to bring success to the entire team.
Lead Your Colleagues: Stronger the ties among team members and peers, higher the momentum. Build a movement within the company to win the mindshare with clear action plan to deliver tangible results.

Impact Zone 2: Internal Teams

You are only as good as your team. A 21st century team is a combination of multiple leaders, inter-dependency, collective and follow the 3D model: Discuss, Decide and Do instead of Discuss, Decide and Delegate. This team has ‘Collective Goal(s)’ in lieu of individual goals. Technology plays an important role to enable communication, collaboration and better synergy. Our internal teams impact programs evolve groups into teams.

Internal Teams

Impact Zone 3: Customers

Connected customers when not connected with cause more damage to business.
64% consumers and customers expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time.
50% consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesnot anticipate their needs.
With emergence of social media as a vent out platform, brands need to be consistent in response and sensitivity towards what the customers are talking. Never before the companies had an opportunity to interact directly with customers and know what the latter are really looking for? Businesses who treat customers as part of co-creation team and formulate future strategies shall thrive in 21st century. In the impact zone 3 we help companies transform customers into co-creation team members.

Impact Zone 4: Ecosystem

The highest impact zone for any business is its Ecosystem. How well can a business leverage the relative strengths of its ecosystem in a win-win manner is the key to be successful in a mature, hyper connected 21st Century business environment? Your success does not lie in your competency but also to companies’ competencies whom you outsource business functions, firms that provide technology and manufacturers of complementary products. We help organisations coevolve companies in their ecosystem so that the both the entities can leverage from each other. Today business ecosystems are more attractive, easy and imperative than ever. Digital platforms, APIs integration, IoT and new tools for data gathering and analysis have increased efficacy of business ecosystems like never before.

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